Medicine School of Yuzuncu Yil University, Department of Plastic Surgery

Principle contact details

Contact name:Dr. Daghan Isik
Address:Yuzuncu Yil Universitesi Hastanesi, Plastik Cerrahi A.D. Ercis Yolu Uzeri, Van, Turkey

Map of location

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Other team members

Surgeon:Daghan Isik, MD.
Orthodontist:Fatih Kazanci
Otolaryngologist:Fatih Garca, MD

Annual case load

Cleft palate:20-25
Pierre Robin:322012
Cleft lip (CL) Unilateral (UCL):35-40
Bilateral (BCL):15-20
Number of syndromic cases:542012

Record collection protocol

Are records routinely collected at specific ages?Yes
What record taking protocol is used:Cleft Lip and Palate or Cleft Palate only
Photographs in every Year (if avaliable)
Tympanometry and Audiometry - 3rd year (if the Pateint has Cleft palate)
Sitatic nasopharyngeal MR - Before surgery and at the 6th, 12nd and 24th months after the surgery (if patient has cleft palate is younger than 4 years old)
Dynamic nasopharyngeal MR - Before surgery and at the 6th, 12nd and 24th months after the surgery (if patient has cleft palate and is older than 4 years old)

State coverage of costs

Are the costs of the following treatments covered by the state (free to the patient)?

Surgery costs:All
Orthodontic costs:Part
Speech and language therapy costs:None
Comments on the service provision:We generaly make cleft palate surgery and bilateral cleft lip surgery.
The patients with unilateral cleft lip are generally treated in state hospitals (not university hospital) in our city.

Clinical research

Clinical team members who are or would like to be involved in clinical research:

Member details:Daghan Isik, MD.

Current research activity and data collection

Type(s) of software used:Word, Excel
Published research papers:Yes
Details of publications:Original Articles----

Isik D, Durucu C, Isik Y, Atik B, Kocak OF, Karatas E, Bekerecioglu M.
Use of rotation flap in repair of cleft palate and velopharyngeal insufficiency.J Craniofac Surg. 2011 Jul;22(4):1203-9.

Isik D, Atik B, Tan O, Aktar S, Dogan M, Goktas U.Primary repair of the alveolar cleft. J Craniofac Surg. 2011 Nov;22(6):2224-6.

Case Reports-----

Isik D, Guner S, Avcu S, Goktas U, Atik B. A case report of a patient with cleft palate carrying the risk of tetraplegia. Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2011 Nov;48(6):773-5.

Isik D, Bulut O, Bekerecioglu M. Congenital lateral cleft palate and lateral palatal synechiae. Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg Hand Surg. 2008;42(6):325-7.
Willing to share Powerpoint presentations:Yes

EU Biobank

Stored CLP DNA samples available for use in future studies:

Number for CP:-
Number for CLP:-
Other CFA:-

Potential clinical research activities

Clinical research activities interested in being involved in:

Randomised clinical trials:Yes
Inter-centre comparison of outcome:Yes
Prospective study:Yes
DNA collection:Yes

National cleft lip and palate / craniofacial scientific organisation


Total number of cases per annum

Total cases per annum:100-120