Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Dept. of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Craniomaxillafacial Team

Principle contact details

Contact name:Proff. Figen Özgur
Telephone:90-312-3051762; 90-312-3051797

Map of location

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Other team members

Surgeon:Ass. Proff. Ersoy Konas , ersoykonas@gmail.com
Speech therapist:Ass. Proff. Maviş Kayıkçı PhD
Orthodontist:Ass. Proff. Müge Aksu DDS PhD.
Otolaryngologist:Gamze Atay M.D.
Psychologist:Ciğdem Kirazlı
Other:Ass. Proff. Esra Yücel (speech and language development)
Patient follow up:Cleft Council (Composed of all Cleft Team Members) under direction of two surgeons

Support group

Support group address:None

Annual case load

Cleft palate:55
Pierre Robin:7
Cleft lip (CL) Unilateral (UCL):51
Bilateral (BCL):12
Number of syndromic cases:7
Treachers collin synd.
Dandy Walker synd.
Mallpush Synd.
Orofasio digital synd
Trizomi 10q & 18q
Patau synd. (tri 13)

Primary surgical protocol

Timing of first repair and type of operation.

Complete UCLP:Millard: 2-4 mounths for lip, V-Y Push Back –Furlow : 6-9 mounths for the palate
Complete BCLP:Millard…-Mulliken: 2-4 mounths for lip , V-Y Push Back –Furlow : 6-9 mounths
Isolated CP:V-Y Push Back –Furlow : 6-9 mounths

Record collection protocol

Are records routinely collected at specific ages?Yes
What record taking protocol is used:1) Prenatal (If possible) or birth
2)1-4 Mounths
4)1 Year
8)5 Years
9)7-12 Years
10)13-18 Years

State coverage of costs

Are the costs of the following treatments covered by the state (free to the patient)?

Surgery costs:All
Orthodontic costs:All
Speech and language therapy costs:All

Clinical research

Clinical team members who are or would like to be involved in clinical research:

Member details:Figen Özgür, Ersoy Konas - PRS - All

Müge Aksu - Orthodontics - All

Maviş Kayıkçı - Speech Therapist - All

Esra Yücel, Gamze Atay - Speech Terapist and ENT - All

Çiğdem Kirazlı - Psycologist - All

Non-clinical and laboratory research

Non-clinical and laboratory team members who are or would like to be involved in clinical research:

Member details:Figen Özgür, Ersoy Konas - PRS - All

Müge Aksu - Orthodontics - All

Maviş Kayıkçı - Speech Therapist - All

Current research activity and data collection

Type(s) of software used:Access
Published research papers:Yes
Details of publications:Gursu, K.G., [Classification of cleft lip and palate and their treatment]. Istanbul Univ Dishekim Fak Derg, 1969. 3(1): p. 58-69.
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Potential clinical research activities

Clinical research activities interested in being involved in:

Randomised clinical trials:Yes
Inter-centre comparison of outcome:Yes
Prospective study:Yes

Potential laboratory based research activities

Laboratory based research activities interested in being involved in:

Laboratory genetics/genomics research:Yes
Animal models research:Yes

National cleft lip and palate / craniofacial scientific organisation

Organisation details:Cleft Lip Palate and Craniofacial scientific organisations are organized in conjunction with Turkish Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery Association. Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniomaxillofacial scientific study groups are two scientific study groups of our society.

There is also another attempt to establish a separate association for cleft Lip and Palate .The foundation procedures are an ongoing process.