Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery L. Pasteur´s University Hospital, P. J. Šafárik University , Faculty of Medicine

Principle contact details

Contact name:MUDr. Marianna Zábavníková, PhD., plastic surgeon, Head of Department
Address:Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
L. Pasteur ´s University Hospital,
P.J. Šafárik University
Košice, Rastislavova str., No. 43, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
home adress : Výstavby 3 , 04011 Košice, Slovakia
Telephone:+421556152620, home: +421903395606,
Web address:Visit website

Map of location

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Other team members

Surgeon:MUDr. Zuzana Hojstričová, MUDr. Viktor Jabur
Speech therapist:PhDr. Eva Obšuthová, PaedDr. Eva Galová, Mgr. Eva Orémusová , others http:www.navstevalekara.sklekarilogopedia-s11045.html, http:www.sal.skindex.php?page=kontakt&sub=las
Orthodontist:MUDr. Mária Eötvösová, PhD., MUDr. Janka Jenčová, PhD.
Clinical geneticist:MUDr. Mária Andrejková, PhD.
Otolaryngologist:MUDr. Andrej Koman
Specialist nurse:Mgr. Martina Šteinová, Alžbeta Kendrová
Psychologist:PhDr. Lívia Valová
Other:Department of Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery – Dr.h.c. prof. MUDr. Andrej Jen?a, CSc. Paediatrics : MUDr. Alžbeta Bodnárová, MUDr. Mária Andrejková, PhD.
Patient follow up:Members of Centre for Treatment of Cleft lip Palate and Other Congenital Facial Defects, L. Pasteur ´s University Hospital, Rastislavova str., No 43, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia

Support group

Support group address:Telephone: +421556152620
MUDr. Marianna Zábavníková, PhD.
E-mail address :

Annual case load

Cleft palate:10
Pierre Robin:1 - 2
Cleft lip & palate (CLP) Unilateral (UCLP):25
Bilateral (BCLP):14
Cleft lip (CL) Unilateral (UCL):5
Bilateral (BCL):1,4
Number of syndromic cases:with Anophtalmos, Apert sy, with Heart Congenital Defects

Primary surgical protocol

Timing of first repair and type of operation.

Complete UCLP:2 flap palatoplasty s. Bardach - at age from 6 - to l2 month
Complete BCLP:One Stage primary Bilateral Cleft Lip Nose repair s. Black´s technique or Salyer ´s technique at age 3 month ,two stage bilateral Cleft Lip Nose repair is rare Primary bilateral cleft nose reconstruction : Stage 2 - is performed 1 year after the first operation Two - flap palatoplasty - Bardach´s technique at age from 6 – 18 month timing is dependent on actual health conditions of child, if the premaxilla is displaced anteriorly - the anterior one third of hard palate is reconstructed later, after the premaxillary repositioning in the course of growths after 4 - 5 years
Isolated CP:Two flap palatoplasty s Bardach, 2 laterally placed mucoperiosteal flaps and one anterior triangular shaped flap, in cases of very wide cleft and short soft palate we use Furlow's Technique in combination with uvular pad from Salyer's modification of Two - Flap Palatoplasty

Record collection protocol

Are records routinely collected at specific ages?Yes
Does this conform to WHO timing recommendations
(birth, 5, 10, 15 and 20 years)?
What record taking protocol is used:We perform examination and follow up of patients each year, and we use
Eurocleft Project 1996-2000 Eurocleft Consensus Recommendations Timing of minimum records adapted to our conditions

State coverage of costs

Are the costs of the following treatments covered by the state (free to the patient)?

Surgery costs:All
Orthodontic costs:All
Speech and language therapy costs:All
Comments on the service provision:If patients choose other orthodontist who has office more closely to the home adress, maybe they cover part of orthodontics treatment costs

Clinical research

Clinical team members who are or would like to be involved in clinical research:

Member details:MUDr.M.Zábavníková,PhD, MUDr. V. Jabur, MUDr. Z. Hojstričová - Plastic Surgeons -

prof.MUDr. A. Jenča, CSc. - Maxillofacial Surgeon -

MUDr. J. Jenčová ,PhD., MUDr. M. Eötvösová,PhD. - Orthodontists

MUDr. M. Andrejková, PhD. - Paediatrist, Geneticist -

Non-clinical and laboratory research

Non-clinical and laboratory team members who are or would like to be involved in clinical research:

Member details:RN Dr. L. Klimčákova, PhD. - biology, research specialist, Dept. of Medical biology -

Current research activity and data collection

Type(s) of software used:We use mentioned types of software Excel, Word, PDF
Published research papers:Yes
Details of publications:1.The Effect Earlier or Later Timing of Cleft Lip / Palate Surgery to Functional and Aesthetic Results in Adult Age
Kipikaša, Hovancová, Szitašová, Zábavníková,Research Work in Slovakia, 1/VI/ 1992, Košice,
3.Unilateral Cleft Lip / Palate Repair Decisions, Graduant Work, Zábavníková,Košice 2005, Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ
4. Surgical Treatment of Cleft Lip and Palate, Guzanin et al.
in Folia Faculty Medicine Universitatis Šafarikianae Cassoviensis Part. II, 53/1996/p. 269-275
5. Late Results of Early Cleft Lip and Palate, Repair Part III. Guzanin, Hovancová, Kipikaša, Matuščak, Szitašova, Zábavníková,
in: Folia Facultatis medic. Universitas Šafarikianae Cassoviensis -53, /1996/ p.276-286
6. Wide Cleft Palate Reconstruction Zábavníková, in : Slovenský lekár, ISSN 1335-0234,15,/29/ č.3-4,/2005/ p.76-79
7.Our Experience with very Wide Cleft Palate Repair-Using Combination of Original Surgical Techniques, Zábavníková in: 80.výročie založenia LF FNLP. Košice, 14.okt. 2004, Zborník referátov Košice 2004,
ISBN 80-969218-4-3 p.84-94
8. Correction of Facial Skeletal Variations by Permanent Implants Zábavníková In: Biomedicinske postupy – Zborník ref. Košice ,UPJŠ, 2010 ISBN 9788070978580 p.38-46
9. Primary and Secondary Correction of Nasal Tip Deformation-Nasal Retainers Aplication, Zábavníková In: l. Kongres biomedicíny, zborník ref. 8.10.2009, Košice, 2009, p. 135-142
10. Looking for Optimal Surgical Solution to Prevention Velopharyngeal Incompetency and Dysfunction of Wide Cleft Palate, Zábavníkova,
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11. Histologic and Electronlightmicroscopic Study of Soft Tissue at Unilateral Cleft Lip / Zibrin, Holovská, Jenča, Komorová, Pivko, Tomajková, Zábavníková, Zborník prác z ved. konferencie Košice 2004 , ISBN 80-969143-2-4 p.84-86
12. Non Neuronal Degeneration of Skeletal Muscle Fibers in Congenital Unilateral Cleft Lip : Light and Electron Microscopic Observations In: Programmme and Abstracts New Approaches in Morphology 42 and Congress of the Slovac Anatomical Society with International Participation UVL Košice 2004 p.102
13. Myons Degeneration and Ultrastructure of Soft Tissues in Unilateral Cleft In: 7. Košický morfologický deň zborník referátov, Zibrin, Holovská, Jenča, Komorova, Pivko, Zábavníková, 2004, Košice ISBN 80-8077-006-9 p. 103-104
14.Orofacial Clefts and MTHFR Gene Polymorphisms in Slovak Population Behunová, Zábavníková, Klimčaková, Podracká, In: European J. of Human Genetics ISSN 1018-4813 vol.19 suppl.2/2011/p.309
15. Regenerative Medicine Possibilities of Orofacial Skeletal Defects Reconstruction, Jenča et al. VEGA 1-3370-06 In: Biomedicínske postupy-zborník ref. 2008, Košice ISBN9788089361281, p.228-236
16.Surgical Importance of Simmonart Band Histologic Characteristics in Light and Electron Microscopy Image, Zábavníková, et al.VEGA 1-3370-06 In Biomedicínske postupy, Košice, 2008, ISBN9788089361281

EU Biobank

Stored CLP DNA samples available for use in future studies:

Number for CP:23 - just patients
Number for CLP:99 - just patients

Potential clinical research activities

Clinical research activities interested in being involved in:

Randomised clinical trials:Yes
Inter-centre comparison of outcome:Yes
Prospective study:Yes
DNA collection:Yes

Potential laboratory based research activities

Laboratory based research activities interested in being involved in:

Laboratory genetics/genomics research:Yes