Clinic for Maxillofacial surgery, Skopje

Principle contact details

Contact name:Prof. Dr Slave Naumovski
Address:Gtc, Kej 13 Noemvri 22, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Map of location

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Other team members

Surgeon:Prof Dr Slave Naumovski, PhD, Maxillofacial Surgeon
Speech therapist:Prof Dr Gorica Levenska
Orthodontist:Dr Radmila Dimovska, MSc,
Clinical geneticist:Prof Dr Elena Sukarova
Otolaryngologist:Prof Dr Marina Cakar
Specialist nurse:Jagoda Stannkova
Patient follow up:Prof Dr Slave Naumovski, PhD, Maxillofacial Surgeon

Annual case load

Cleft palate:22-28
Pierre Robin:-
Cleft lip (CL) Unilateral (UCL):For a ten year period: 89
Bilateral (BCL):For a ten year period: 58
Number of syndromic cases:-

Primary surgical protocol

Timing of first repair and type of operation.

Complete UCLP:Cleft lip at 3months ( Millard & Le Messeier) , cleft palate at 24 month ( Veau Wardil Kilner )
Complete BCLP:Cleft lip at 3 months ( Barsky), cleft palate at 24 months ( Veau Wardil Kilner )
Isolated CP:After 18 monts

Record collection protocol

What record taking protocol is used:At birth, at operation and trough the family doctor

State coverage of costs

Are the costs of the following treatments covered by the state (free to the patient)?

Surgery costs:All
Orthodontic costs:Part
Speech and language therapy costs:All

Clinical research

Clinical team members who are or would like to be involved in clinical research:

Member details:Prof Dr Slave Naumovski - Maxillofacial surgery - Maxillofacial surgery
Dr Radmila Dimovska - Orthodontics - Orthodontics
Prof Dr Elena Sukarova - Clinical Genetics - Genetics
Prof Dr Marina Cakar - ENT - ENT
Prof Dr Gorica Levenska - Speech - Speech

Current research activity and data collection

Type(s) of software used:Word, Excell
Willing to share Powerpoint presentations:Yes

Potential clinical research activities

Clinical research activities interested in being involved in:

Randomised clinical trials:Yes
Inter-centre comparison of outcome:Yes
Prospective study:Yes
DNA collection:Yes

Potential laboratory based research activities

Laboratory based research activities interested in being involved in:

Laboratory genetics/genomics research:Yes
Animal models research:Yes

National cleft lip and palate / craniofacial scientific organisation

Organisation details:no